Hello and welcome to my Soldier Front fansite.  If you have yet to hear about the game, please let me direct you to the About page.  For you veterans of the game, please browse around and have a look at the content, and leave a comment or two in the chat box.
April 14th, 2007

Maps Added to the About page.

March 30th, 2007

Ranks added to the About page. Japanese Version sign up and download links added to the Links section.

March 29th, 2007

Forces and Weapons added to the About page.

Attention:  This page is still under construction, it has yet to be completed.  The purpose intended for this site is not to copy all of the info from ijji, but to include all of the game's basics.. Plus more that is not directly available from the ijji website..  Fan Art, Wallpapers, Videos, etc.   Unfortunately I am busy with other projects and have not been playing SF.  When I do acquire time and start playing again, updates will continue and I will start to advertise this site more.  Until then, if anyone has any info or media they would like to contribute for future updates, you can always email me at: komsik@komsik.com