When 11 Israel athletes were
brutally murdered by the Palestine
terrorists at Munich during the 1972 Olympics, the West German government felt the need for a special enforcement

team for counter terrorism. Prime Minister Willy Brandt
ordered Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Minister of Internal
Affairs to create a specific division. However, with the
ongoing pessimistic views of the world renowned
SS unit of the Nazi Empire convinced them not to
generate a league of military personnel but the
Federal Border Police instead. This unit of Federal
Border Police Officers is called the Grenzchutzgruppe
(GSG-9) and is composed of 88 members. It gained
its trust by successfully freeing 91 passengers of the
Mogadishu flight terrorism at Lufthansa. GSG-9 was
also requested to assist approximately 40 different
countries such as Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

It is also known that even the SAS has requested
assistance from the GSG-9 for the Iran embassy
incident in Britain.
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