This significant counter terrorist unit
has never failed to accomplish a
single mission for the past 20 years
operating approximately 560
different strategic assignments,

suppressing 550 terrorists and rescuing 350 hostages
successfully. The School bus rescue operation at
Djibouti in 1976, the penetration of the sacred grounds
of Mecca held by the Islamic people for a week, and
the suppression of the hijacker at Orly Airport in Paris
in 1983 are a few significant examples of their
accomplishments. The most acclaimed rescue mission
happened in 1994 when an Air France aircraft was
hijacked. Four Islamic terrorists had taken over a
domestic aircraft at the Houari Boumedienne Airport in
Algeria and forcefully landed it onto the Marceau
Marinan Airport embracing the French government
into their own hands. The GIGN shot down the four
hijackers and rescued 170 hostages spilling a
whopping number of 1500 bullets within 17 minutes
of operation. The GIGN is currently supporting the
Third World countries'counter terrorist training
operations including Saudi Arabia. It is also known
that the Korean Special Force is retrieving information
from them as well.
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